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Our team

Meet the members of our big family at Centre Dentaire Île des Soeurs who make up our dedicated and competent team

Our history

For 50 years, the cutting-edge dental techniques of our clinic have specialized in the advancement of diagnoses, prevention, restoration, dental and oral disorders.

From caring for children and adults, we can create a roadmap to meet your needs and treatment goals. Whether your dental needs are a complete, regular exam and cleaning, restoration or orthodontic treatment, full mouth rehabilitation or dental repair, we promise to provide you with exceptional care.

At Center Dentaire Ile des Sœurs, our experts offer comprehensive and multidisciplinary services. In addition to high-end dental equipment, all services are offered in a gentle, friendly and professional environment. Our dental hygienists play an important role in monitoring, controlling and maintaining your oral health. They ensure that your preventative dental care is properly monitored.

Our hygienists, dental assistants and administrators

Our dental hygienists and staff will oversee all of your oral hygiene and cosmetic dentistry needs. We integrate the latest technologies to improve the oral health and aesthetics of our patients. Our hygiene service has a large and loyal following, who recognize our knowledge, quality and commitment to excellence. Our staff constantly updates their knowledge and skills through continuing education to guarantee you care that is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Our administrative team is here to help you schedule your appointments and coordinate your treatments. We also have a treatment plan coordinator who is available to take the time to explain the options offered by your dentist. Our team can also help you establish a financial plan that meets your needs.

We also have a manager who ensures the smooth running of the clinic, manages resources and provides support to all staff.

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